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International Virtual Conference for Teacher Educators

Opening Gates in Teacher Education, 2006
Meeting the Challenges in Education and Teaching

International Virtual Conference for Teacher Educators
February 13-15, 2006

Registration involves two stages. On this page, you are asked to fill out personal and general information, some of which will appear on the Conference site. When you click on Continue below, you will proceed to the second stage, where you will be asked to provide your credit card information.

Note: If you are an Israeli paying in NIS, please register on the Hebrew site.
US Dollar $50

Personal Details
Please fill out the form below. Note that the fields marked with are obligatory.

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Login for the Conference
The email address you have filled in above will serve as your username. Please choose your own password.

Practice Sessions
Upon completion of registration, you will be sent a link to download the program Interwise, the program for Conference participation. During the week before the Conference, we will be holding a number of Interwise Practice Sessions aimed at familiarizing you with the functions of the program.

In the table below, please check off the three most convenient options for participation in the Practice Sessions. Since there are participants from all over the world, we will try to vary the times.